seat of awakening


Be sovereign Linji


My Comment:

What does it mean to remain true to yourself?

Do I notice when I feel the influence of those who are around me?

Can I feel my own truth and not have it swayed by others?

Am I stable in my own inner conviction even without expressing it to others?

Do I feel that ‘seat of awakening’ wherever I am at any moment?

Am I able to rest in myself and be at peace with myself no matter what is around me?

Do I value my inner peace with myself above all else?



“A lonely sage

remains withdrawn from the bustle of life,

seeks nothing,

asks nothing of anyone,

and is not dazzled by enticing goals.

He is true to himself

and travels through life unassailed,

on a level road.

Since he is content

and does not challenge fate,

he remains free of entanglements.”

(I Ching, Wilhelm, Hexagram 10, 9 in second place)





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