the strangest plants


We surely are the strangest plants around. We sprout from a seed, like all plants, and when watered and nourished we grow. Then we look in the mirror and start to call ourselves by various names: girl, boy, man, woman, student, professor, vagabond, lover.

Still we grow the same as plants and what is in our seed comes out into form. When we see someone acting strangely we should think: “That’s the way he/she grows.” Our minds would then be more at peace, I think.

Maybe we would see how all things, including humans, sprout from the Earth and become what their seed contains. Is this ‘determinism’? If that’s all there is, then yes. But is that all there is?

We identify ourselves with that which is born and grows and then, later on, dies. That may be the mistake. This that sprouts, is born, matures and dies is not an individual thing; it is embedded in myriad conditions all working together like a fine mechanism. I like the term “total functioning”. When we see ourselves separate from that we are confused, yes, one could even say we are delusional. Another good term for the actual fact is “interbeing”.

When we look these facts in the face then our mind can open up to the ultimate fact that all of this ‘functioning’ has some source – it came from somewhere. Instead of being enamoured with all of this ‘becoming’ we can then take that backward step and turn our light around to see where we came from.

Food for thought.




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