explosive in its immensity





The symbol becomes more important than reality. The symbol
gives a shelter; it is easy to take comfort in its shelter. You can do
what you will with it, it will never contradict, it will never change;
it can be covered with garlands or ashes. There’s an extraordinary
satisfaction in a dead thing, in a picture, in a conclusion, in a word.
They are dead, past all recalling and there is pleasure in the many
smells of yesterday. The brain is always the yesterday, and today is
the shadow of yesterday, and tomorrow is the continuation of that
shadow, somewhat changed but it still smells of yesterday. So the
brain lives and has its being in shadows; it is safer, more

Consciousness is always receiving, accumulating, and from
what it has gathered, interpreting; receiving through all its pores;
storing up, experiencing from what it has gathered, judging,
compiling, modifying. It looks, not only through the eyes, through
the brain but through this background. Consciousness goes out to
receive and in receiving, it exists. In its hidden depths, it has stored
what it has received through centuries, the instincts, the memories,
the safeguard, adding, adding, only to take away to add further.
When this consciousness looks out, it is to weigh, to balance and to
receive. And when it looks within, its look is still the outer look, to
weigh, to balance and to receive; the inward stripping is another
form of adding. This time-binding process goes on and on with an
ache, with fleeting joy and sorrow.

But to look, to see, to listen, without this consciousness – an
outgoing in which there is no receiving, is the total movement of
freedom. This outgoing has no centre, a point, small or extensive,
from which it moves; thus it moves in all directions, without the
barrier of time-space. Its listening is total, its look is total. This
outgoing is the essence of attention. In attention, all distractions
are, for there are no distractions. Only concentration knows the
conflict of distraction. All consciousness is thought, expressed or
unexpressed, verbal or seeking the word; thought as feeling,
feeling as thought. Thought is never still; reaction expressing itself
is thought and thought further increases responses. Beauty is the
feeling which thought expresses. Love is still within the field of
thought. Is there love and beauty within the enclosure of thought?
Is there beauty when thought is? The beauty, the love that thought
knows is the opposite of ugliness and hate. Beauty has no opposite
nor has love.

Seeing without thought, without the word, without the response
of memory is wholly different from seeing with thought and
feeling. What you see with thought is superficial; then seeing is
only partial; this is not seeing at all. Seeing without thought is total
seeing. Seeing a cloud over a mountain, without thought and its
responses, is the miracle of the new; it’s not “beautiful”, it’s
explosive in its immensity; it is something that has never been and
never will be. To see, to listen, consciousness in its entirety must
be still for the destructive creation to be. It is the totality of life and
not the fragment of all thought. There is no beauty but only a cloud
over the mountain; it is creation.

source: Krishnamurti’s Notebook PDF pp. 55 – 58





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