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Origin of entertain:

Middle English entretinen from Old French entretenir, to maintain, hold together from entre (L inter), between + tenir from Classical Latin tenere, to hold

We hold ourselves together when awake with entertainment. Consciousness needs form and so we create out of ourselves form – that is our nature as consciousness. To be without form is much too uncomfortable. It is actually against the nature of consciousness to be without form.

Have you ever noticed that you are more satisfied when you are pursuing some intention? You are moving with that which creates content of consciousness. While engaged in that activity you are held in the context of that activity. For example, you are cooking a meal: the container for that movement is to prepare food of a certain kind for a defined number of people. your system has many parameters that guide it in this activity. All of these parameters hold consciousness to the task and prevent it from dispersion.

The more consciousness is able to ‘concentrate’ itself on the chosen task and stay within the boundaries, the more coherency it experiences. So it is not so much which particular task one is concentrated on, but rather the degree of coherency one experiences in the activity that results in ‘satisfaction’. Consciousness is being ‘entertained’ – that is to say: ‘kept together’ – and the result is the sense of coherency.

The challenge is to remain aware of that by which I know what I am doing – and not get velcroed on to the activity itself. It really does not matter which activity I am engaged in; what matters is uninterrupted awareness of the Mysterious Principle behind all activity.

Engaging in an activity that is ‘primal’, such as breathing, provides a very clear and simple context for the ‘entertainment’ of consciousness and therefore it is easier to avoid attachment to the activity itself. Breathing in itself does provide deep satisfaction when it is mindful breathing – with our whole body-mind concentrated on the movement of the breath, however it does not lead us into fragmentation as is the tendency with many other activities. Facebooking is just one clear example of that.

Mindful breathing provides a clear container for consciousness to become aware of itself and then one can become enveloped by awareness of the Mysterious Principle.





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