treat our anxiety respectfully


Thich Nhat Hanh:

The sadness (or whatever has caused the
pain) can be used as a means of liberation from
torment and suffering, like using a thorn to
remove a thorn. We should treat our anxiety,
our pain, our hatred and passion gently, respectfully,
not resisting it, but living with it, making
peace with it, penetrating into its nature by
meditation on interdependence.

One quickly
learns how to select subjects of meditation that
fit the situation. Subjects of meditation – like
interdependence, compassion, self, emptiness,
non-attachment – all these belong to the categories
of meditation which have the power to
reveal and to heal.

Meditation on these subjects, however,
can only be successful if we have built up a
certain power of concentration, a power
achieved by the practice of mindfulness in
everyday life, in the observation and recognition
of all that is going on. But the objects of
meditation must be realities that have real
roots in yourselves-not just subjects of philosophical

Each should be like a kind
of food that must be cooked for a. long time
over a hot fire. We put it in a pot, cover it, and
light the fire. The pot is ourselves and the heat
used to cook is the power of concentration.

The fuel comes from the continuous practice
of mindfulness. Without enough heat the food
will never be cooked. But once cooked, the
food reveals its true nature and helps lead us
to liberation.

(source: Thich Nhat Hanh, The Miracle of MIndfulness, PDF p. 79)





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