zen things


Living zen. this list kindof reminds me of myself. besides the cooking and cleaning part. i am so zen! (Check out www.zenbedrooms.com for the complete Zen experience.):


Useful reminders ~

Another favorite of mine is the Japanese term: “ichigyo zammai”. This translates as “one practice samadhi”, meaning everything you do is performed with a sense of your complete body-mind. In this way fragmentation of consciousness, one of the main reasons for suffering, is reduced or eliminated. The present moment then opens up and you begin to taste the depth of this NOW. Lately I hear these words: “ichigyo zammai” first thing after waking. A good way to start the day!

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calming down


Exercises in Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh:

“Here are a number of exercises and approaches in meditation
which I often have used, adapting them from various
methods to fit my own circumstances and preferences.

“Select the ones you like best and find the most suitable
for your own self. The value of each method will vary
according to each person’s unique needs. Although these
exercises are relatively easy, they form the foundations
on which everything else is built.” Continue reading

treat our anxiety respectfully


Thich Nhat Hanh:

The sadness (or whatever has caused the
pain) can be used as a means of liberation from
torment and suffering, like using a thorn to
remove a thorn. We should treat our anxiety,
our pain, our hatred and passion gently, respectfully,
not resisting it, but living with it, making
peace with it, penetrating into its nature by
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drinking clear water


Thought cannot hold this moment,

for this moment is not of time.


My Comment:
In this last entry of K’s Journal  he puts it very clearly: “…this moment is not of time”. To consider his words we must go into the question of what time actually is. Can we consider time without reference to memory, the past? without projecting that impression from a past occurrence slightly modified into the future? To be in the present moment sounds so very simple and indeed, it is not a complex process. However, since our very world is made up of thoughts that arise from a fabric of past/future it is not an easy task.  Continue reading

off the trail

Curved Trunk of Moss-Covered Tree 1


I was drawn to a spot off the trail. Now, mid-July, the tall grasses are drying and it is easier to walk. The spot was not many yards off the trail and was pleasant as it was partly shaded. As I sat my thoughts settled and my mind was void and free of all effort. My body was at ease resting on the dried clay earthen surface.

I noticed the usual slight discomfort when siting without a cushion was absent. There was a sense of being “off the track” as a train might be on a waiting track, or so-called ‘siding’. I was off the main ‘trail’ of my conditioned consciousness: there was no content rising in the mind – there was only the living forest I was in the midst of, sitting on the earth.  Continue reading