pseudo entity


Art: Moon Dancer by Julia Watkins


Here is another of Nisargadatta’s core teachings: the pseudo-entity. Perhaps on a hot summer day you will be inclined to follow this man’s view of life. If so, the text below offers key insights.

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January 20, 1981


The Absolute is … to give you an idea, there is a place in India where you have never been; if a description were given it would still remain a description for you. The universal consciousness, the beingness, is anything that is seen. When the universal consciousness manifests itself as a phenomenon, the phenomenon is that limited form which thinks that it is independent but is not.

The phenomenon is the manifestation of consciousness; when it is not manifested it is immanent in everything. If you think you have understood, it is not so. Anything that
you know is not the truth.

The body is made up of the five elements and each body behaves according to the proportion of the combination of the five elements. So long as one is identified with the essence of the five elements it is impossible to understand, because that which is trying to understand is a pseudo entity.

The biggest drawback to understanding is the concept that I am an entity and, secondly, that any concept I have is the truth. It is only when it is understood with the greatest conviction that there is no entity, and what is happening is merely the program of the functioning of consciousness – there is merely the functioning, there is no entity who is causing it and there is no entity who is suffering – only then
can the dis-identification take place. Otherwise all kinds of misconceptions occur. You have not understood until you have solved the riddle of the one who thinks he has understood.

Do I identify myself with the dirt which I blow from my nose? The stuff of which this body has been created, is it any different? I am neither the material from which the body has been created nor the consciousness which is immanent in that material.

source: Nisargadatta, PDF Prior to Consciousness


Hiroyuki Saito – Sunrise in an Auspicious Cloud





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