cleaning the dark mirror


Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Verse 10


Maintaining unity is virtuous,
for the inner world of thought is one
with the external world
of action and of things.

The sage avoids their separation,
by breathing as the sleeping babe,
and thus maintaining harmony.

He cleans the dark mirror of his mind,
so that it reflects without intent.
He conducts himself without contriving,
loving the people, and not interfering.

He cultivates without possessing,
thus providing nourishment,
he remains receptive
to changing needs,
and creates without desire.

By leading from behind,
attending to that
which must be done,
he is said to have attained
the mystic state.

(source: Tao Te Ching, Stan Rosenthal)




Krishnamurti: What is Order?

(Start at minute 26:00 if you do not want to listen to the entire recording.)

“Order is a living thing, not a blueprint, and that order brings an extraordinary sense of stability. It gives great strength – from which, as the earth, from which trees and everything grows.

This sense of great stability, strength, from which every other thing can flow…”







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