Seeing Fear as an Extraordinary Jewel – Krishnamurti

K Brockwood Talk


At 89 years of age, Krishnamurti speaks at a public talk at Brockwood Park in the UK on 26 August 1984: “Seeing Fear as an Extraordinary Jewel”. Krishnamurti died on February 17, 1986.

timecode 101:00 -110:04 “And we were talking about security”:

“And we were talking about security. Obviously there is no security in the future – right? I wonder if we see that. Future is when you say, ‘I will be safe the day after tomorrow’, or ‘There is God in whom I’ll find security’, or in some form of illusions. Is there security in time? Please go into it. Or there is only security, complete security in the understanding the truth that all time is in the now. The now is the ultimate security. Come on sirs! Do you understand? The now is that which you are now. What you are is your consciousness – right? Your consciousness is what you are. Your consciousness – the consciousness contains your fears, your aspirations, your longings, your desires, your fulfilments, your depressions, your anxieties, sorrow, pain, all the rest of it, your gods, all that is your consciousness. And in that consciousness is this whole movement of time and thought – right? I wonder if you understand all this? You are your consciousness, aren’t you? No? Of course. No? So your consciousness is your faith, your belief, your nationality, your fears, your gods, you’re British, French, German, Indian, Sikh, and all these divisions in which thought has divided the world and human beings. So all that consciousness is you. The selfish activities and trying not to be selfish and so on and so on. The whole of that consciousness is you.

“And this consciousness is the consciousness of the rest of mankind because every human being in the world, everyone from the most primitive, from the most uneducated, to the most highly sophisticated, educated, they go through all this – faith, fear, longing, depression, anxiety, sorrow, pain, every human being in the world goes through it, whether he is a Communist, Socialist, Capitalist, or Democrat, or doesn’t belong to any group. So this consciousness is shared by all human beings. Right? I am afraid you won’t accept that. Quite right. Because you have been trained, educated, religiously and in other ways, that your consciousness is yours and nobody else’s. And somebody comes along and says, look at it carefully, what you are inwardly – the outward trimmings may be different – but inwardly your consciousness is like the man in a far away village: primitive, ugly, uneducated. He is just like you, almost similar to you. And so you are not individual at all. I know all this is very difficult to accept. You are the rest of mankind, you are humanity. And when you separate yourself then begins all the problem. The separation causes conflict, fear, isolation. And your heaven is filled with isolated spirits.

“So is this a fact or not? Or just a romantic concept? That every human being suffers, either physically, or psychologically, inwardly. Every human being is anxious about something or other. Every human being is frightened. He wants some comfort, hope, God, a father figure, or a mother figure, whatever you like. So your consciousness is shared by all of us, by all of us, by all humanity, therefore you are humanity, not some separate British, French – for God’s sake! You understand all this?

“Then one begins to realise the immense responsibility one has. Then one begins to realise the nature of love. Though you may love another, but that love is not restricted to one because you are the entire humanity. You are the world, and the world is you.

“May I get up please?” (end of talk)

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