thoughts of the matrix


It is confusing to lump all activity of our brain under the term ‘thoughts’. I see my brain carrying out operations similar to a CPU on the computer: it operates according to a program and that program is called ‘survival’. Many physiological/psychological operations are governed by this program and rightly so. It allows our existence as physiological streams of consciousness to function smoothly. This program is fed by the entire pool of human experience from way back and also beyond the circles of cultures in the world – although they make up part of the pool of relevant experiences. 

As can be heard from many who are into the science of human consciousness, attachment is the main problem that we are confronted with. Attachment involves me feeling myself as a separate entity, an ‘individual’, a center as the ‘me’. When looking/sensing/feeling through the filter of the ‘me’ entity I am limited by my attachment to what will make ‘me’ feel safe and in comfort. This delusion of being a separate entity creates conflict because in reality we are one mysterious being that appears in myriad forms, not only human, but ALL forms.

Thoughts, then, are those movements of the brain, which are the operations of our CPU that are based on the faulty program we can call ‘me consciousness’. Only by recognizing when this program is operational can we then click on the true program of ‘we consciousness’. The kind of thoughts that arise in our system based on that program are of a totally other quality.

We can recognize the limited ‘me’ program and install the app that immediately switches to the upgrade of the “we” program. Then all of the things that the brain has caught hold of under the ‘me’ survival program, all the fears, nightmares, dreams, and desires of that limited quality, are superseded.  Then a new world opens up before our eyes. Then we begin to live in a different dimension.

“Die every day to everything

the mind has captured and holds on to.”









4 thoughts on “thoughts of the matrix

  1. This can reflect the ‘treat everyone you meeet like God in drag’ – which is a new ‘game’ i enjoy when passing time – like yesterday in a mechanic/shop waiting room… there were two little boys, about age two and six.. the six year old was tormenting the two year old, playing chase, tag, etc etc, running screaming wrestling – after they’d turned on the television to an exceptionally loud program… and before getting frustrated, i switched to ‘God in drag God in drag God in drag’ and had the best time watching God … and then every other person became ‘God in drag’ ….

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