give up

“All you need to do is give up thoughts.”

You can give up chocolate, you can give up sugar, you can give up soft drinks, you can give up chips, you can give up cigarettes, beer, wine, texting, sitting in the cafe etc. etc. Anything you feel you are dependent on is something you might consider giving up. But all you need to do is give up thoughts. That takes care of all the rest. 

There is a way of living that the “one that moves all things” is moving you. This is giving up thoughts. Thoughts are an addiction. Not every movement of the mind is a thought. Our mind is a function just like our digestion or our breathing. That function operates smoothly when needed to compute and give direction to our life. Thoughts, in my vocabulary are a bit different: they are holding on to the past and are friction – in whatever form. Here’s what Aldous Huxely has to say (in “Island” p 252 PDF): “Think of things and then let go of thinking so that the not-Thought can come through.”

Give up thoughts if just for a second and the mind becomes still, even while in movement as a part of the functioning of “the one who moves all things”.

Just give up thoughts and see what happens.





2 thoughts on “give up

  1. Oh dear — I never liked cold showers or ripping band aids off either. Just give up thoughts! How simple! How difficult! Perhaps I’m just destined to “go around again” on the big Galactic Cycle. Now that’s a thought that could motivate me to give up thoughts. Amen, Alia

    • Hahahahahahaha!!! Yes, so simple and maybe not even ever succeeding has an effect of stemming the seemingly uncontrollable flow a bit. Perhaps even just considering this as an option can have an effect in my experience. ❤

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