is there any survival after death?


I know that it is nowadays a lot to ask you to listen carefully, watching the face and the expression in the eyes when you listen to someone talking. Please give it one more try – listen to this sweet old man, full of love and understanding as he talks about us, you and me, and the ‘book of life’ that each of us is. Enjoy!


16 minutes and 12 seconds:


Here is Han Shan’s version:

Both life and death are happy and whole.

nothing is born before earth.

It has no form, health or disease.

It’s the master of all things,

follows no reason to cease.

Climb up to the Cold Mountain,

the path to it has no end.

In the long stream there are stones,

on the two shores grass to defend.


My reflections:

Life and death are two sides to the same coin. Before this world and all phenomena appear, ‘nothing’, that ineffable primordial mysterious principle, IS, and it is that which forms the basis for all else that manifests, which is that it appears to us. It has no beginning and no end. The Cold Mountain is the clarity of awakening from the trance of our conditioning to Reality. This awakening is continual: from moment to moment to moment – living and dying to the old, living and dying, ever fresh and alert with a mind that has no design. In the long stream of our existence there are ‘stones’, that seem to us to be impediments, obstructions. But the stream that we are flows like water around the stones. We can focus on the stones or we can focus on the flow that we are and then there are no impediments, no obstructions. That focus is possible only when “the brain is so sharp, so alert, without any motive, without any direction: ALERT! AWAKE! In which there is no contradiction, no sense of hypocrisy. Then you can read that book (of Life) without even looking at it. The book is over. Then you find out for yourself what lies beyond the book.” (Krishnamurti video above at the one minute 15:13 – 16:13). Then Han Shan adds: “on the two shores grass to defend.”. Are the two shores “life” and “death”? Is he pointing to those things that catch our attention while in this  stream of Existence and, same as the ‘stones’ should not be held on to, but taken as they come, without undue attachment? Things to ponder…






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