consciousness goes on like a river…


The following is the transcript of a bit more than two minutes (40:09 – 42:35) of a discussion between Krishnamurti and Dr. Allen Anderson in San Diego in  the year 1974. This is Part 14. There were a total of 18 talks which you can access at this link. Here is the complete transcript of this Talk 14.

minute 40:09 – 42:35


So what happens? I do not know, as a human being, how to empty this thing (the content of consciousness – the ‘me’). I’m not even interested. I’m only frightened.

A: Only scared to death.

K: Scared to death. And I preserve something, and I die, am burned or buried under ground. The content goes on. As we said, the content of me is your content also, it’s not so very different.

A: No, no, no.

K: Slightly modified, slightly exaggerated, given certain tendencies which depend on your conditioning of environment and so on, so on, but it is essentially same consciousness. Unless a human being empties that consciousness, that consciousness goes on like a river – collecting, accumulating all that’s going on. And out of that river comes the expression, or the manifestation of the one that is lost. When the mediums, seances, all those say, your brother, your uncle, your wife is here, what has happened is they have manifested themselves out of that stream which is the continuous consciousness of struggle, pain, unhappiness, misery, all that. And a man who has observed and has looked at the consciousness and empties it, he doesn’t belong to that stream at all. Then he is living each moment anew because he is dying each moment. You understand, sir?

A: Oh, yes I do, yes I do.

K: There is no accumulation of the me which has to be expressed. He is dying every minute; living every minute, and dying every minute. Therefore in that there is – what shall I say – there is no content. You follow, sir?

A: Yes.

K: It is like a tremendous energy in action.



More excerpts from this talk:  J Krishnamurti’s Conversation with Dr. Allan W. Anderson in San Diego about consciousness and its relation to death:

So what is it that dies? And what is it I am frightened of, one is frightened of? You follow? What is it one is frightened of in death? Losing the known? Losing my wife? Losing my house? Losing all the things I have acquired? Losing this content of consciousness? You follow? So, can the content of consciousness be totally emptied? “

You see one of the factors in death is the mind is so frightened. We are so frightened of that very word and nobody talks about it. I mean it isn’t a daily conversation. It is something to be avoided, something that is inevitable, for god’s sake keep it as far away as possible.

We even paint corpses to make them look as if they are not dead.

That’s the most absurd thing. Now what we are discussing, sir, is, isn’t it, the understanding of death, its relation to living and this thing called love. One cannot possibly understand the immensity, and it is immense, this thing called death, unless there is a real freedom from fear. That’s why we talked sometime ago about the problem of fear. Without really freeing the mind, unless the mind frees itself from fear there is no possibility of understanding the extraordinary beauty, strength and the vitality of death…”

The ancient Egyptians, the pharaohs and all the first dynasty till the eighteenth and so on, they prepared for death. They said we will cross that river with all our goods, with all our chariots, with all our belongings, with all our property; and therefore their caves, their tombs were filled with all the things of their daily life, corn, you know all that. So living was only a means to an ending, dying. That’s one way of looking at it.

The other is reincarnation, which is the Indian, Asiatic outlook. And there is this whole idea of resurrection, of the Christians. Reborn, carried, by the Gabriel Angel, and all that, to heaven and you will be rewarded.

Now, what is the fact? These are all theories, suppositions, beliefs and non-facts. I mean, supposed to be born Jesus comes out of the grave, resurrected physically.

That is just a belief. There were no cameras there, there were no ten people to say, yes I saw it. It is only somebody imagined. We will go into that a little bit a little later.

So there is this living and preparing for death as the ancient Egyptians did. Then there is the reincarnation. Then there is resurrection. Now, if one isn’t frightened – you follow, sir – deeply, then what is death? What is it that dies, apart from the organism? The organism may continue if you look after it very carefully for eighty or ninety, or one hundred years. If you have no disease, if you have no accidents, if there is a way of living sanely, healthily, perhaps you will last one hundred years or 110 years. And then what? You follow, sir? You will live one hundred years, for what! For this kind of life? – fighting, quarrelling, bickering, bitterness, anger, jealousy, futility, a meaningless existence. It is a meaningless existence as we are living now.





3 thoughts on “consciousness goes on like a river…

  1. ” You will live one hundred years, for what! For this kind of life? – fighting, quarrelling, bickering, bitterness, anger, jealousy, futility, a meaningless existence. It is a meaningless existence as we are living now. ”
    I wonder what he’d say in today’s times about the way many are living….

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