never seeking buddhahood

Footsteps_pistol river

Pistol River – Photo Tomas


“…he never has a single thought

of seeking buddhahood.”

My Comment:

If he allows his mind to stray from ‘what is’ right here, right now, he slips back into the dusty world. Once he is in the stream of being ordinary, of simply not striving and of conforming with circumstances from that place of equanimity, he is like a gyroscope: keeping alignment with Big Mind. Any thought of attaining anything or achieving anything causes that gyroscope to wobble. He avoids that.

“After all, you have a father and a mother—

what more do you seek?”

If you have a father and a mother you are in this life and therefore you have all you need to realize who and what you are right now.



“Conforming with circumstances as they are he exhausts his past karma; accepting things as they are he puts on his clothes; when he wants to walk he walks, when he wants to sit he sits; he never has a single thought of seeking buddhahood. Why is this so?

“A man of old said:
If you seek buddha through karma-creating activities, Buddha becomes the great portent of birth-and-death.

“Virtuous monks, time is precious. And yet, hurrying hither and thither, you try to learn meditation, to study the Way, to accept names, to accept phrases, to seek buddha, to seek a patriarch, to seek a good teacher, to think and speculate.

“Make no mistake, followers of the Way! After all, you have a father and a mother—what more do you seek? Turn your own light inward upon yourselves!

source: Linji – Sasaki PDF p 43





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