What the Self looks like…


“The Self looks like the world.

But this is just an illusion.”


My Comment:

Eckhart Tolle introduced me to the Ashtavakra Geeta, (a Hindu scripture that dates from ca. 400 BCE)  when he read some excerpts on Eckhart Tolle TV. He pointed out some of the basic concepts in this scripture that could be useful for those wanting to examine their conditioned  way of thinking. I find it helps to align my own thoughts with those expressed in the Ashtavakra Geeta as a way of divorcing myself from the illusion created by our upbringing and the current dominant culture in the world.

When revisiting this text today I am struck especially by the line:
“The Self looks like the world.” The thought form that I am used to is ‘The world is actually the Self but we don’t recognize It because of the veils to our consciousness.’ To state that the Self looks like the world strikes me as much more direct. It says that I am actually always looking at the Self when I look at the world!

Here are a few verses from this scripture and a link at the bottom to access a PDF of the full text.



The Ashtavakra Geeta – The Heart of Awareness


Verse 12

The Self looks like the world.

But this is just an illusion.

The Self is everywhere.





The witness of all things,


Without action, clinging or desire.


Verse 13

Meditate on the Self.

One without two,

Exalted awareness.

Give up the illusion

Of the separate self.

Give up the feeling,

within or without,

That you are this or that.


Verse 14

My Child,

Because you think you are the body,

For a long time you have been bound.

Know you are pure awareness.

With this knowledge as your sword

Cut through your chains.

And be happy!


Verse 15

For you are already free,

Without action or flaw,

Luminous and bright.

You are bound

Only by the narrowness of the mind!

source: PDF – The Ashtavakra Geeta Chapter I





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