on acceptance

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“From the Absolute point of view the objective (world) is the subject (Self) itself. It is not separate from the Self.”



My Comment:

I have posted below two sections from Anandamayi’s MATRI VANI that verbalizes the attitude that is most suitable for us to embody in our daily life once we have realized what Ramana points to.


Excerpt from MATRI VANI (Anandamayi):

In all forms, in all diversity and disparity is He alone. The infinite variety of appearances and manifestations, of modes of becoming and states of being, of species and types, all the numberless distinctions as well as all identity, are but He Himself. With whom are you then angry? Whatever anyone says is according to his stage and condition at that particular time and therefore right for him. Surely, he is only demonstrating what he perceives and understands at that point of his development. This also is but an expression, a guise of the One.

To remain calm and at peace under all circumstances is man‘s duty. To form a bad opinion of a person just because one has heard some gossip about him is wrong. Hostility, condemnation, abusive language, ill-feeling and so forth, even if kept concealed within one‘s mind, will and must fall back on oneself. Nobody should ever harm himself by harbouring such thoughts feelings.

source: MATRI VANI I, Anandamayi, PDF File




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