the highest form of passion



My Comment:

Sitting is a term that has a deep meaning in Zen. Krishnamurti calls it ‘complete negation which is the highest form of passion’. Sitting in this sense calls for all of our energy on all levels.When there is any loss of energy through identification with our fears, desires, ambitions, visions, regrets, opinions, etc. etc. then we do not have the energy required for this highest form of passion. 

Complete negation is the most positive action because it strips away all falsities of this world of words and concepts that we have become addicted to. We are completely enmeshed in this mirage world and therefore it appears to us to be the only world there is. And yet it is a world of duality, of extreme contradictions and fraught with dissatisfaction. 

Our minds invent constructs that give us some consolation because they create the frequency of ‘hope’ for a better world ‘soon’. When a construct fails to manifest, we are usually never at a loss to adjust and improve on that construct so that it again serves us and ‘keeps us going’ for a while again.

Sitting implies the total negation of all of this which we know deep inside to be completely false. That within us which we know to be our true Nature is covered over by all of these falsities that promise us satisfaction but never deliver on their enticements.



Why is it that you, as a human being, who are so capable, so clever, so cunning, so competitive, who have such marvelous technology, who go to the skies and under the earth and beneath the sea, and invent extraordinary electronic brains – why is it that you haven’t got this one thing which matters? I don’t know whether you have ever seriously faced this issue of why your heart is empty.

What would your answer be if you put the question to yourself – your direct answer without any equivocation or cunningness? Your answer would be in accordance with your intensity in asking the question and the urgency of it. But you are neither intense nor urgent, and that is because you haven’t got energy, energy being passion – and you cannot find any truth without passion – passion with a fury behind it, passion in which there is no hidden want. Passion is a rather frightening thing because if you have passion you don’t know where it will take you.

So is fear perhaps the reason why you have not got the energy of that passion to find out for yourself why this quality of love is missing in you, why there is not this flame in your heart? If you have examined your own mind and heart very closely, you will know why you haven’t got it. If you are passionate in your discovery to find why you haven’t got it, you will know it is there. Through complete negation alone, which is the highest form of passion, that thing which is love, comes into being.

When you give your mind and your heart, your nerves, your eyes, your whole being to find out the way of life, to see what actually is and go beyond it, and deny completely, totally, the life you live now – in that very denial of the ugly, the brutal, the other comes into being. And you will never know it either. A man who knows that he is silent, who knows that he loves, does not know what love is or what silence is.

source: Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known, p. 103 PDF file


On Sitting:

To transcend the world directly, to manifest the magnificence of the buddha ancestors’ house—this is sitting in the meditation posture. To leap over the heads of outsiders and demons, and become a true person inside the buddha ancestors’ room—this is sitting in the meditation posture. To sit in the meditation posture is to transcend the deepest and most intimate teaching of buddha ancestors.

Know that the world of sitting practice is far different from other worlds. Clarify this for yourself, then activate the aspiration, practice, enlightenment, and nirvana of the buddha ancestors. Study the world at the very moment of sitting. Is it vertical or horizontal? At the very moment of sitting, what is sitting? Is it an acrobat’s graceful somersault or the rapid darting of a fish? Is it thinking or not thinking? Is it doing or not doing? Is it sitting within sitting? Is it sitting within body-mind? Is it sitting letting go of sitting within sitting, or letting go of sitting within body-mind? Investigate this in every possible way. Sit in the body’s meditation posture. Sit in the mind’s meditation posture. Sit in the meditation posture of letting go of body-mind.

Experience that sitting is sitting.
Thus, there is sitting with the mind, which is not the same as sitting with the body. There is sitting with the body, which is not the same as sitting with the mind. There is sitting letting go of body-mind, which is not the same as sitting letting go of body-mind. To experience this is to merge the practice and understanding of the buddha ancestors. Maintain this insight. Investigate this awareness.

source: Kazuaki Tanahashi, shikantazanreadergen.pdf p. 69






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