what is it good for?


Oh! What do I know that I should furrow my brow?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

Are my thoughts the world

or is this life a fanciful thought?

You, whom I meet when my steps take me along a path,

are you truly warm, breathing flesh?

And this path itself –

was it there before I strode forth this morning

or do my steps bring it forth?

This lushness that surrounds me

feels at times like my own body

and ferns unfurl as I inspire.

And what to make of the one who wants to watch it all

and comprehend its machinations?

It it a Person? A Ghost? A Mirage? An Hallucination?

Oh! What do I know that I should furrow my brow?

Are there others there that see me or is this enigma

as they say, nothing but ‘seeing’,

and that “Seeing is being?”

This, that carries the name Nature,

moves entirely within itself 

and thus can never fall out of itself.

It seems, then, that it has nothing else to do

but to take care of all that it creates.

Some say “Self-sufficient”

and that may be so.

I am waiting for this that I am to calm down.

Then, when the dust has settled, maybe

there will be a clear view

and all will show itself to itself

as a mirror facing a mirror.






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