the lullaby of the enigma


its true

benevolence surrounds us

once we let go of our concepts of how

things should be

things are what they are

neither good nor bad

this is nothing new

there is some power that acts

through our bodies

and uses our bodies

to get the work done

intelligence is the nature of this power

only we jam up the works with our thoughts

ok let the thoughts arise but

don’t give them credence

listen to the rustle of the wind in the trees

the murmur of the water in the creek

maybe even the bird out on the fence

or the silence of the flower’s perfection

in the vase on your table

even your neighbor is a flower

a bit strange though he may seem

but listen and

let go of your insistence

allow this enigma to

sing you a lullaby

rest your mind

let it become young again…

peace of mind

the greatest super-power

what wealth

abundance at your fingertips





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