point of inception


It is the tiniest point very, very far inside. It is the point of inception. Having located it, it is easy to find. Point of inception sounds impressive. Actually it is a very fine, subtle, infinitesimal constriction in the homogeneity of the Ultimate, of the Absolute. Observation of it happens when the busyness of the little mind subsides of its own accord. Then Awareness down to the ‘bottom’ shows up. It is as if one were looking into a deep lake and it is clear down to the bottom.
All layers of activity – layers of the mind (within which all activity is contained) are like flotsam after the storm.  Observation sinks down through all layers and strata and comes to this point: the point of inception.
It is amazing to be at this point from which emerges the entire creation. The power of this fascination exerts an immensely strong pull on observation, the pure power of seeing.  This pull is such that ‘seeing’ loses its detachment and becomes one with the seen. The mind loses its stability and freedom and is at the mercy of the manifest reality. It is drawn in and merges with the stream of conditioned consciousness and believes that it is following its ‘free will’.
For this reason consciousness/mind believes manifest reality to be the name of the game: to create manifestations that correspond to the image of paradise on earth. When the mind/observation is ‘somehow’ able to stabilize at the point of inception, without being carried away by the gushing flow of images/manifestation, then this geyser-like flow of creation is stemmed, or held in its state of potentiality.
When this happens, observation/seeing takes on the quality of ‘being’ (sat), and is in the cosmic frequency of STHITI, which is cosmic inertia or stability. This state is the Mystery aware of itself as Mystery beyond understanding. Small mind is absorbed into Big Mind, which in turn is cradled in THAT, which is free of attributes, unborn, and undying, untouched by all phenomena.
It is our belief that >>to BE<< is the true nature of existence and of life itself. Therefore we put our power of observation into this field of Beingness: our focus is then to be this and that and to continually improve and be a better this or that. We aim for manifestation to become perfect and to leave our present imperfect state behind.
Now someone comes along and says:
“Have you ever allowed your mind, your brain, to be completely still? To let go of all striving for anything? Any kind of experience or satisfaction?  I have done this and I tell you it is a portal into the Ultimate Dimension that transcends all other realities and dimensions. Once you have known this “no-state-state” all other states that you experience are transformed mysteriously, and you never again seek to transform your reality in any way.”
Our response is of course to ask “How?” He replies that it is not about doing anything but rather about our power of seeing, which is our light, being directed toward the point of inception in order to “take up HQ there” as one such sage puts it.
We then recognize why we are told to continually practice the “stepping back of turning the light around and looking back” to our source, simply in order to be at the point of inception. We can better say to actually be the point of inception because the observer is the observed in that state. It is to be the sense of being the “I” itself, reduced to a point without dimension. There we discover the deep joy of being without becoming (sat-chit-ananda).




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