gazing into vacancy



Yes. It is really like gazing into vacancy

or a dazzling crystal or light.


Question: Can a line of thought or a series of questions induce self-hypnotism?
Should it not be reduced to a single point analyzing the unanalyzable, elementary and vaguely perceived and elusive ‘I’?

Ramana: Yes. It is really like gazing into vacancy or a dazzling crystal or light.

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a magic show


“If you arrive at understanding the unborn nature of all that is and know that the mind is a magic show, that there is no object, no phenomenon that has real existence, then wherever you are there is purity, and that is Buddha.”

Zen Master Linji


the unborn nature of all that is

the mind is a magic show

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we are our own image


Krishnamurti was once asked: “What is your secret?” His response was: “I don’t mind.” This is a rather cryptic answer in that it states so very simply a great truth. The following excerpt from Freedom from the Known sheds some light on this statement. I recommend brewing yourself a nice cup of your favorite drink and sitting back in order to read the following while in a quiet, contemplative state. Enjoy! Continue reading

living in community – NVC


NVC stand for Non-Violent Communication. It is a communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg and labeled by him “A Language of Life”.  I see it as a new way of perceiving and thinking.

This is the Essence of NVC as it presents itself to me today, after my first seven weeks of living in the Lost Valley Community in Oregon near Eugene:

How can we live together peacefully and orderly while we strive to get our needs met and support others to get their needs met? Continue reading

the crux


I awoke from dream-filled sleep with the following feeling:

“What am I doing here? This makes no sense to me.”

It is very uncomfortable. But since it doesn’t seem to be going away I’ll just have to move with it to the best of my ability.

Remember: stay with what is right in front of you, right now. Put all of your attention on seeing, observing and feeling. Thoughts about any larger scenario – like the rest of the day, the year, the rest of my life and places other than where I am at this moment – are distractions born of fear and are escapes from this simple NOW – HERE.

Remember: there is a state free of thoughts and that is the only true state: sthiti – the standstill state. Cease to feed thoughts of any kind, they are generally insanity. Continue reading

the standstill state



We we use the term “standstill” we usually think of stagnation and the need to move forward. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras the term “standstill state” has another meaning. The Yoga Sutras’ objective is to lead us to an understanding of the dynamic of conditioned consciousness so as to then allow this dynamic to subside of its own accord.

The key technical term around which all of the Sutras circle is the term >>vrtti<<, and it basically means the form which conditioned consciousness takes as it acts itself out through the individual small self (ego). Continue reading

point of inception


It is the tiniest point very, very far inside. It is the point of inception. Having located it, it is easy to find. Point of inception sounds impressive. Actually it is a very fine, subtle, infinitesimal constriction in the homogeneity of the Ultimate, of the Absolute. Observation of it happens when the busyness of the little mind subsides of its own accord. Then Awareness down to the ‘bottom’ shows up. It is as if one were looking into a deep lake and it is clear down to the bottom.
All layers of activity – layers of the mind (within which all activity is contained) are like flotsam after the storm.  Observation sinks down through all layers and strata and comes to this point: the point of inception. Continue reading

prior to consciousness – purusha

Purusha is a Sanskrit word that is often translated as Cosmic Witness

My comments on Nisargadatta’s statements below:

Basically when we can be aware of the fact that we are aware – then we are not just witnessing the content of consciousness, but we are That first principle quality which is untouched by all content. For me such contemplation is useful to “end” the involvement with or attachment to Consciousness even as the Witness. It is almost like all of Consciousness, starting with the sense “I am” entangles us within the web of manifestation of phenomena. Continue reading

what is time?

Yes, we DO create our world. How would you like it?

New Year’s Resolution:

Peaceful, Please!


“Whatever you think it is, it looks like that.”


Q: Which time is most suitable for meditation?

Ramana: What is time?

Q: Tell me what it is!

Ramana: Time is only an idea.

There is only the Reality.

Whatever you think it is, it looks like that.

If you call it time, it is time.

If you call it existence, it is existence, and so on.

After calling it time, you divide it into days and nights, months, years, hours, minutes, etc.

Time is immaterial for the Path of Knowledge.

source PDF file p. 21