After two weeks in community


My thoughts after the first two weeks in our new community,

the Lost Valley Education Center 

What the ancients say: There is a power that brings forms into existence, sustains them for a certain period and then destroys them. It is this first principle possessing various powers: pictures of name and form, the person who sees, the light by which he sees and the screen upon which he sees. He himself is all of these. A peaceful and orderly life is needed for this realization. Some power acts through his body and uses his body to get the work done to make life peaceful and orderly.

This mysterious power that cannot be named takes care of all its creations. This means all that is needed to sustain them and foster their growth on all levels. It also means that it does what is required to de-compose and de-generate each form when its cycle of being a vehicle to burn vital energy is nearing its end.

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