we superimpose our illusory ideas on others



In the following text, Ramana Maharshi expresses the perspective of an awakened one, a jnani, meaning one who has seen through the deluded state of imagining there to be something other than the one Reality, which he calls the Self.

I find this statement in particular:

Some power acts through his body and uses his body to get the work done.

gives us a sense of the jnani’s state, which is in strong contrast to our usual sense of being the doer and the ‘captain of our destiny’. Does this realization lead to the jnani falling into indolence? On the contrary; when the impediments to our ‘getting the work done‘ are removed (the ego behavior) we are much more productive and diligent in our commitment to protecting and fostering life in all forms in whatever way is open to us. Ramana’s life was constant evidence of that. Continue reading