no time for time


Sitting is a certain body posture. More than that however, in zen sitting is a universal metaphor that transmits the deep sense letting all things, including oneself, rest. Letting rest means to exercise fine restraint in one’s whole being, releasing the habitual impulse to do anything and to carry anything over to the next moment. 

Whatever action presents itself in the course of how things go, is accepted. One doesn’t resist that natural action that is embedded in the whole. One carefully discerns the shining source in each minute event, and does not overstep this mindfulness at any time.

Thus one continually practices essence and sitting buddha, not holding on to the form of oneself in the continual flux. Always letting each minute event rest – again and again and again. To practice sitting buddha is to allow each action to takes its course and then to drop it completely. It means sitting and also it means to let all things sit after each action. This means to drop all attachment to what happened. Then I am sitting while walking, while talking, while thinking.

Being able to drop and end each action, each minute event, as soon as its energy is exhausted is to be free of the past. Knowing that all is dissolving into nothing in each moment gives great freedom. Only holding on to the image of any movement gives it continuity, and that continuity is illusion. What is continual is the appearance of forms out of nothing. Being free of each form as it passes I am open and empty for the next. Then I am fully present with each new form. Living so completely with each new form I have no time for time. This is freedom.





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