listen to the whole murmur of it

This is a short statement by Krishnamurti on the ending of sorrow from his book The Only Revolution:

“See the map of sorrow not with the eyes of memory. Listen to the whole murmur of it; be of it, for you are both the observer and the observed. Then only can sorrow end.”

Krishnamurti, The only Revolution, p. 100

Krishnamurti states that sorrow will only end when we there is no resistance to it and when we do not create any escape from it. Much can be spoken about this, however it is something that each of us must experiment with. Then we may come upon the particular balance of left and and right brain activity that allows the clear observation of the whole scenario inside of us when we are in sorrow of any kind. Then, if we are not distracted and our mind is not fragmented, sorrow ends.







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