Clarity of Observation


The following is my transcript of the last few minutes of a public talk that Krishnamurti gave in Ojai, California in the year 1982. He was 87 years old at the time. I encourage you to watch at least this portion of the YouTube clip below (minute 35:55 to 38:50) and feel Krishnamurti’s intensity as he transmits this understanding.

The experiencer is the experience.

If there is no experience, what is the state of mind? We are all wanting experiences. Experience we hope will bring about more knowledge, more clarity, more this and more that.

But the experiencer is the experience. Therefore the mind is no longer seeking ANY experience.


It requires no challenge.

Is there pure observation of the movement of the self? Because in that the self is not different from the observer – there is only OBSERVATION, without the past, accumulated memories, interfering with the observation. When the past, memories, accumulated knowledge, interfere, then there is wastage of energy (rationalizing, arguing, discussion back and forth), which are forms of conflict, which is wastage of energy.

When there is observation without the past, all energy is brought into being –  all energy comes in that observation, which dispels that which is observed.

So there is no conflict with the self or denial of the self, or suppression of the self. It is clarity of observation which is the greatest form of intelligence.






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