beyond the field of consciousness


“Freedom can only come about naturally, not through wishing, wanting, longing. Nor will you find it by creating an image of what you think it is. To come upon it the mind has to learn to look at life, which is a vast movement, without the bondage of time, for freedom lies beyond the field of consciousness.”

(link to source: Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known, p. 57)

My Comment:

Here we are faced with the question: Isn’t all of my life lived within consciousness?

Is there anything else ‘beyond consciousness’ as Krishnamurti here implies? The field of consciousness must include all of my experiences, my hopes, aspirations, dreams and also my fears and anxieties. Does this mean to question all of this? What is outside of time? Is this suggesting that my entire way of looking at the world is a kind of bondage. Wishing, wanting and longing will not bring this state about and all of these are concerned with the mental-emotional images I  continually create about the people and situations I am immersed in in my life. So is there a way to live my life directly as a part of life – to have life live me and not me live my life – and not feel myself as a separate entity that moderates everything that happens through the lens of my past?




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