the quiet witness and the world

My Comment:

Translation of some of Nisargadatta’s terms in the passage below:

With the understanding that all is a manifestation of the one beingness that knows no sub-divisions such as ‘persons’ or ‘individuals’, there arises the view of all happening as a “total functioning”. David Bohm spoke of the ‘intrinsic order’ of existence and that all forms emerge as part of this order.

The “saliva guna” (saliva quality) refers to Nisargadatta’s view that our sense of “I Am-ness” is something like the effect of a certain chemical that results in our feeling our existence in this physical world. This ‘food essence quality’ carries within it the feeling ‘beingness’. The ‘food body’ is the carrier or vehicle for consciousness to appear.

The quiet witness, or the Absolute prior to the emergence of consciousness, experiences itself due to the friction that is created by the emergence of the consciousness element of “I Am”, which happens spontaneously.

Words began emanating from consciousness, much like smoke and scent emanate from the stick of incense, or the sound emanates from a metal pot when it is struck. This creates a field of tension, or ‘fight’ with the quietude in the no-state state prior to consciousness.

We embrace those words with the belief that the world which they create is the meaning of life and thus we channel all our vital energy into championing the meaning of those words (our myriad stories).

Throwing out all concepts, including the primary concept “I Am”, allows our left brain to finally relax, we give up our busy-ness and the right brain hemisphere is activated. When this happens, a connection to quantum consciousness opens up, giving us a broader understanding and a sense of peace. (link to: quantum consciousness)


In this process you, as an individual, are not left at all. Try to understand that “I Am” is a product of the saliva guna, food essence product.

The friction is the fight between that quiet witness and the world. The fight began when the words began emanating from the consciousness.

Words have come out of you and you embrace those words; you become the champion of the meaning of those words which have come out of you.

You have a mountain of concepts and words. To get rid of these you use other concepts. When you throw out all the concepts, including your primary concept, then whatever is, is. Stay put in quietude.

There are always some doubts arising from mind, so until all traces of mind are removed you must clear them out by words.

If thoughts are flowing, let them flow. Do not be involved in your thoughts  that is the only thing, and whatever has to happen will happen; the very doing you have given up.

Link to Source: Nisargadatta Maharaj, Prior to Consciousness, October 15, 1980





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