the end of idea


There is only one irrefutable fact and it is an integral whole. The parts that we perceive are purely idea and idea is not real. Idea is a function of our nervous system, or one could say, of our psycho-physical stream of existence. This stream takes form as our person, among other things.

Idea is like a magic mirror that reflects to us the pictures of name and form that we perceive as the world. These pictures are put into a frame of reference by idea and thus they take on particular meaning in reference to our person. Idea can thus be understood as the connection between what we perceive as the world and our center of perception which we call “me”.

When it dawns on us that this “me” center is also simply made of idea and has no substantial reality, we understand that the “me” idea is simply a basic element of the greater idea “world”. This center has the amazing function of giving us a location within the eternal flux of the immensity, the vastness of intelligent infinity. It gives us an artificial sense of security, much like a raft on high seas. Idea makes it into a boat, and then a ship, and then an ocean liner. We then can navigate this artificially constructed idea world within the immensity, together with other vessels large and small and even visit “empires” that other centers of idea have created.

All the while, however, the one irrefutable fact is all that is real and all distinctions, names and forms are unreal – without any abiding substance of any kind. Thus the only real state is that which is free of idea and its carrier thought. Perception free of idea is direct and is the totality in touch with totality.

Idea has a beginning and an end whereas the real, the actuality has no beginning and no end. Since idea cannot meet this actuality it creates a limited world in which eternity and infinity are denied or escaped from through myriad distraction. The artificial world of idea is like a video game and is highly enthralling and seductive. But actually the video game, while suggesting to the brain actual experiences, consists simply of pixels on the screen. The metaphor is that of studying the map of a city as compared to actually walking the streets of that same city. The map is one dimensional and lacks any life of its own. Similarly idea is an element of our existential stream of energy but it lacks any real energy of its own.

Each of us has experienced a clap of thunder and a bold of lightening. In that moment we were one with the actuality of that natural phenomenon. A second later we distanced ourselves from it by idea which is the word, such as “Wow, that was close!” When we see the triviality of idea and the world it creates we see the limitation and the end of idea. Where there is no idea of man there is love – God’s original idea.





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