imbibe essence – reject surrogates



We have become accustomed to satisfying ourselves with trivial pursuits. We watch one dimensional personal dramas on TV or on videos and habitually behave as if that was what we really wanted to do. We allow ourselves to be offered so-called food that is more often than not actually fraud, or worse, poison for our bodies. We engage in relationships that trickle along on the surface and offer no real connection to the essence of the other. The list goes on and on and this is what we call life. These are all surrogates for the true essence that lies available in all actions and objects that we take in.

Some things we take in when we actually eat something and much more we take in through our eyes, ears, nose and skin. We take in sensations, images, concepts and material substances into our psycho-physiological streams of consciousness. All of these either nourish us or deplete and dissipate our energy. Out thoughts waste our energy when they are thoughts within the conditioned stream of consciousness. Thoughts within that stream are fed by memory and are then projected into an imagination we call ‘future’. These thoughts center around likes, dislikes, desires and hatred. All of our vital energy that flows into these thoughts is wasted since they are within an imaginary construct we call “me” and “you”. 

When we reject all surrogates and imaginary constructs of the mind, which is the imagined center as the ‘me’, then another dimension, a different quality of thought altogether appears. The essence of life begins to enter our awareness more and more and we find that all ‘cheap imitations’ no longer attract us. We now recognize when we our awareness is within the other stream of consciousness, that of our true Being.

In this stream we increasingly discover in all interactions that quality of essence, of the sacred, of the Unnameable Mystery. We begin to be attuned to the many ways in which we can imbibe the essence directly, whether it be in uplifting thoughts, in a heartfelt smile to another person, words of kindness, understanding and compassion when another expresses something less than love, or when connecting with trees, animals, clouds or rocks.


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