the depth and quality of perception


My Comment: The following is a message taken from the site which is the group that published the Law of One material, also known as the Ra material. This telepathically received message is from a group calling themselves “those of Q’uo”. As always, use your own discernment. I find the message very right on for the times we are in now.


As always, we ask that each take from those things we say that which seems helpful and disregard those things which do not seem so. In this way we feel more able to share our humble opinions with you, knowing that you can discriminate between that which is your personal truth and that which is not.

You ask concerning the processes of balancing. There is much to say concerning this interesting topic. Perhaps we should begin by stating some assumptions which we are making. The primary assumption that we use as the basis for balancing is that there is a center to things, that there is a sense to be made of the universe. This ground of being is difficult to talk about because its mode of being is that which is in process. The living processes of self relating to self and other self cannot be pinned like the butterfly on the collector’s exhibit. It cannot be stopped, for when it is halted it ceases being living. So the basic picture, shall we say, that we have of the illusion is that it does make sense. It does add up to a unified and complete whole, but that sense is not linear and that whole or totality holds each pair of opposites in a dynamic balance.

Our second assumption is that it is the business of humankind to experience and to bear witness to that experience. This is confusing to those who desire to become perfect, for it is not our way to hunger after perfection. Rather, it is our feeling that it is the depth and quality of perception that is the desirable quality. The seeker of truth can be seen as that witness which makes the fallen tree make a sound. It is the tenuous, half-grasped witness of the imperfect entity that is precious to the infinite Creator, not the polished conclusion of a scholar or aesthete, but, rather, the diamond in the rough, if you will, of the person as it is, bearing witness to that catalyst which has struck it.

Therefore, it is not important to create perfect responses. Rather, it is important to allow the most deep felt truth of one’s being to thrive.






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