shadows cast by the light


Inner work is what is called for at this time for all of us on the planet. Self-confidence allows us to let go of looking to various authorities whether worldly or other-worldly. 

The following is a ‘pep-talk’ by the Zen Master Linji:

Followers of the Way, outstanding ancient teachers all had their own methods to liberate people. In the case of this mountain monk all I want to point out to you is that you must not be deluded by others.

― If you want to act, just act. Don‘t ever be intimidated. You students nowadays don‘t get it. What is the disease?

― The disease is a lack of self-confidence. If your faith is insufficient, you will keep on wandering in confusion. No matter what the circumstances, you will be controlled and led by others. You will not find freedom.

― If you can stop your continuously seeking mind, then there will be no difference between you and the buddhas and patriarchs. Would you like know the buddhas and patriarchs? They are none other than those of you who are now in front of me, listening to the Dharma.

― Because you students of Dharma don‘t have enough confidence in yourselves, you search outwardly. Even if you find something through seeking externally, that something is merely a description in written words. You will never get the vital spirit of the patriarchs that way.

― Make no mistake, virtuous Zen students. If you don‘t meet this right now, you will transmigrate in the three realms for ten thousand kalpas and thousands of lives, led by your preferences to be reborn as a donkey or a cow.

― Followers of the Way, according to this mountain monk‘s view, we are not different from Shakyamuni (the Buddha). Is there anything you lack in your everyday activities? The six rays of divine light never cease shining. If you can understand in this way, then you‘ll just be a person of buji (at peace) throughout your life.

― Virtuous monks,  there is no serenity in the three realms, it is like a burning house.

― This is not a place for you to linger. The death-dealing devil of impermanence comes in an instant, without discerning between noble and base, old and young. If you don‘t want to be different from the buddhas and patriarchs, just don‘t seek outside.

– The pure light of your mind at this moment—this is Dharmakaya Buddha within your own house. The non-discrimination light of your mind at this moment—this is Sambhogakaya Buddha within your own house. The undifferentiated light of your mind at this moment—this is Nirmanakaya Buddha within your own house.

― This threefold body is you, listening to my teaching right now. When you don‘t seek it by running around outside, you embody these functions.

― According to the scholars of the sutras and shastras, the threefold body is the ultimate essence. But this mountain monk has a different view. This threefold body is merely a name. It is also threefold dependence.

― A man of old said, the so-called Buddha-bodies are metaphors for the Teachings of Buddhism. The so-called Buddha-lands are metaphors for the Nature of the universe.

― Therefore, we clearly see that the body of Dharma-nature and the land of Dharma-nature are nothing but shadows cast by the light.

― Virtuous monks! It is urgently important for you to realize the one who manipulates the light. That is the origin of all the buddhas to which all followers of the Way return.

Link: The Record of Linji – (Linji Yixuan ~ died 866 CE)





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