life free of identity


“You can travel at your leisure to any place and only see the emptiness of designations.”



Identity is there when division, separation and discrimination are there. In the state free of identity it is not that nothing is identified in daily life, such as bread and butter etc. It is that what we generally identify in the outside world is arbitrary. Bread is only bread as long as I retain the frame of reference as a human perceiving through my physical and organic sensory organs. Perceived through an electron microscope, for example, the same ‘object’ appears entirely different. Life free of identity is to be constantly aware, as much as possible, how arbitrary all identifications are. This is the meaning of ‘all things are without self’. 

Can I move through life with the underlying sense of all my categories, assessments, judgments and truths as temporary, arbitrary and not at all absolute. They are basically assists to allow me to interact in a way that is functional for my nervous system. When they get in the way of a direct perception of the First Principle (the Unspoken, Unknowable) then I have fallen out of the state of love and am immersed in the state of delusion, division, separation. 

It is then that the thinking-image that I am (when seen from a certain perspective) feels isolated and creates a sphere around itself in the attempt to feel safe again. But it never works for more than a short while as the sphere (my reality bubble) per definition increases the separation and therefore conflict is pre-programmed. 

How is it to live without identity and to realize, as soon as I or another pins a tag on me, that it is an arbitrary, mental action that has no reality value. It is just the same as children playing a game and ‘pretending’ to be the princess or the beast or a fairy godmother. 


“See what happens when the brain is completely still.

See what happens.”






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