the sensitivity of the heart

Today I am being torn apart by the aggression in our life. It is always just below the surface. We label it nobly, and so we are able to deny it. We say ‘I am irritated’ but it is aggression we feel. We say ‘Look at it my way, I do it this way” and actually we have a judgment of the other and I am thinking ‘Why is the other person so caught up in dogmas and concepts?’. We think ‘That person’s behavior is irresponsible’ and below the surface there is the division between my sphere and his or hers which is the seed of violence. Where is the sensitivity of my heart that is generous enough to allow each to live their own way even when it may look quite insane to me. Especially when their way of life doesn’t threaten mine or harm me. Yes, I am caught in symbols, in words, in platitudes of thought. Seeing this I feel deep sadness. Continue reading