thought builds images


The thought of image being resistance is worth exploring. I see how the constant flux of energy get ‘caught’ in what we call ‘image’, just like the vrtti-vortex creates form in the otherwise formless flow of the river of energy/consciousness and the ‘dust-devil’ creates form in the smooth, formless flow of the air.

K speaks of the mother-in-law bullying the man, and what role ‘choiceless awareness’ has in that situation:

“I don’t know sir. I see my mother-in-law bullying me; does she stop it because I see it?”

K: “See the action of your mother-in-law, and see your responses, without the further responses of pleasure and pain. See it in freedom. Your action may then be to ignore what she says completely, or to walk out. But the walking out or the disregarding her is not a resistance. This choiceless awareness is freedom.”

I see what is meant now by “If you realize that the me is the you, that the observer is the observed” then I can do what I will, but it will be without resentment, irritation or anger. I will be like the waters of the river, flowing and changing, not snagged into some situation and therefore perpetuating the situation, obstructing it from its natural course of changing into another form, of blossoming.

I can be where I am without the slightest rancor, in perfect ease. Then it may happen that I will move from there, like the flow I am a part of. The wall of resistance must dissolve through choiceless awareness. That means that I not only am aware of my responses to the bully (or whatever is the situation) such as resentment, irritation or anger…but I refrain from FURTHER RESPONSES OF PLEASURE OR PAIN. Basically I take the attitude that the eternal movement of humans to ‘offend or defend’ stops with me: the buck stops here, as the saying goes. This STEPPING OUT of the vrtti-vortex dynamic is meant. That is the meaning of “this choiceless awareness is freedom”.

“The action from that freedom cannot be predicted, systematized, or put into the framework of social morality. This choiceless awareness is nonpolitical, it does not belong to any “ism; it is not the product of thought.”

Here K speaks of the NOW, and this view clarifies more about the quality of choiceless awareness:

Is there actually tomorrow? Of course there is if I have to catch a train; but inwardly, is there the tomorrow of pain and pleasure, or of achievement? Or is there only the now, which is not related to yesterday? Time has a stop only when thought has a stop. It is at the moment of stopping that the now is. This now is not an idea, it is an actual fact, but only when the whole mechanism of thought has come to an end. The feeling of now is entirely different from the word, which is of time. So do not let us be caught in the words yesterday, today and tomorrow. The realization of the now exists only in freedom, and freedom is not the cultivation of thought.

Then the question arises: “What is the action of the now?” We only know action which is of time and memory and the interval between yesterday and the present. In this interval or space all the confusion and the conflict begin. What we are really asking is: If there is no interval at all, what is action? The conscious mind might say: “I did something spontaneously”, but actually this is not so; there is no such thing as spontaneity because the mind is conditioned. The actual is the only fact; the actual is the now, and, unable to meet it, thought builds images about it. The interval between the image and what is, is the misery which thought has created.

To see what is without yesterday, is the now. The now is the silence of yesterday.

(Krishnamurti, The Only Revolution, p. 57 and p. 75)

This understanding of the dynamic of how thought builds images when it is overwhelmed by the ACTUAL – the NOW,  and how this image is resistance to the ACTUAL and thus obstructs the natural flow and change, makes it clear that this is the ground of misery. When I decide to ‘have it out’ with the bully, then this (or any other ‘act of will’) strengthens the wall of resistance and this feeds the vrtti-vortex dynamic.






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