August 3rd, 2016

Waking up I felt as a space, not a body. This space was under pressure, not from some force outside of it, but rather this space just had the feeling of pressure to it. Like it was being squeezed and pressed from all directions into itself. It didn’t have a shape so its form wasn’t being compressed. More like a kind of weight of the molecules themselves was felt by the whole space.

I remembered not to resist and to just be with the feeling. I stayed with the heaviness/pressure for a while, noticing that there was no danger in or to it. I then remembered my last thought before going to sleep: I am an image in this endless sea of energy. Not an image like a photo of me or a cartoon but rather like the image of my whole computer that the back-up process creates.

I felt the transition happening from being from being this dense, heavy space to the image that included the room I am in and my world with the things to do. Slowly I felt my body, the bed and moved my arms and legs. Finally sitting up I had entered this “normal” world and began my day. I felt how this image was following the protocols that it had established over time as the most functional: breathing, smiling, stretching and then to the kitchen to make coffee and a slice of toast, then out to my meditation site in the woods, etc. etc.





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