a living dream – from beyond the veil


This past night I had a living dream-time experience. As often is the case, it was a short sequence but of deep impact on my system and I was/am still very present to the energetic quality of it. I, as myself, was taking a few steps forward in an inside space. The surroundings didn’t matter and my only perception was that I was in a room with a floor I could walk on.

I had a human form and as I took a step that form became an energy vortex of sorts, something like a ‘dust-devil’ that is formed by whirling air currents picking up dust and other material and thus becoming visible to us.  I saw/experienced myself as an intensely whirling composite energy stream that ‘picked up’ or attracted to itself human attributes according to its frequency and energy consistency and thus ‘took on’ human form.

The underlying energy whirlwind form of my being revealed itself only for one step; as it continued to move in the space and take the next step, it appeared again in human form. Now, however, the human form had the impact physiologically and emotionally-psychologically of this experience: its inner reality is that of a being that is a configuration of whirling energy streams which also appear as a human form.

This impact further confirms my commitment to be more deeply present to the energy core of my being and to be aware that my human behavior and interactions are a ‘result’ of the consistency and frequency of spin of this core being.  When I begin to orient myself on the ‘outer’ personality behavior and focus on this external factor, I become unbalanced in my spin, like a top that is spinning too slowly. As I become present again to bringing body and mind together as my core/heart, the spin increases in velocity and it stabilizes again. Imagine a pirouetting dancer who stretches out her arms – she will slow down. As she pulls in her arms her speed increases. Likewise, as I get ‘caught up’ in external, superficial interactions my frequency tends to sink. If I become present to my core again, my frequency increases.








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