inward simplicity

My Comment: This short passage of K’s from “The Only Revolution” presents several ideas that are highly unconventional. That is nothing unusual for Krishnamurti, but here I am given several of his views that give me cause to contemplate more deeply what it is he is pointing us to. When reading the excerpt below, consider how he means:


self-abandonment and beauty

the act of beauty abandons

beauty is when measurement comes to an end



Austerity in self-abandonment is beauty.

Without austerity there is no love, and without self-abandonment beauty has no reality.

We mean by austerity not the harsh discipline of the saint or of the monk or of the
commissar with their proud self-denial, or the discipline which gives them
power and recognition – that is not austerity.

Austerity is not harsh, not a disciplined assertion of self-importance. It is not the denial of comfort, or vows of poverty, or celibacy.

Austerity is the summation of intelligence.

This austerity can be only when there is self-abandonment, and it cannot be through will, through choice, through deliberate intent.

It is the act of beauty that abandons, and it is love that brings the deep inward clarity of austerity.

Beauty is this love, in which measurement has come to an end.

Then this love, do what it will, is beauty.

“What do you mean, do what it will? If there is self-abandonment then there
is nothing left for one to do.”

The doing is not separate from what is.

It is the separation that brings conflict and ugliness.

When there is not this separation then living itself is the act of love.

The deep inward simplicity of austerity makes for a life that has no duality.

This is the journey the mind had to take to come upon this beauty without the word.

This journey is meditation.

(Krishnamurti, The Only Revolution, p. 35-36)





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