the meditative quality

let everything tell you the beauty and the pain of life,

so that you awaken to your own sorrow

and to the ending of it


My Comment: What strikes me in this wording is that I awaken to my own sorrow. I must awaken to my own sorrow before I can truly awaken to the whole of another’s sorrow, or to the immense sorrow of the world. Once I have let myself taste the bitterness and pain of my own sorrow without escaping through distractions in any direction, then there is compassionate understanding of the suffering of another.

Further, the wording says that I awaken to the ending of my sorrow. This is the koan of Krishnamurti’s understanding: once I let in the full quality of my sorrow, “the ache, the anxiety and the aggression that now fill your heart and mind” and don’t close down as I did as a child perhaps, at an earlier time in my life or even now, then something new happens. He calls this ‘the miracle of perception” in which true “seeing” is true “understanding” and this understanding is the ending of the sorrow. …



What is important in meditation is the quality of the mind and the heart. It is not what you achieve, or what you say you attain, but rather the quality of a mind that is innocent and vulnerable. Through negation there is the positive state. Merely to gather, or to live in, experience, denies the purity of meditation. Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end. The mind can never be made innocent through experience. It is the negation of experience that brings about that positive state of innocency which cannot be cultivated by thought. Thought is never innocent. Meditation is the ending of thought, not by the meditator, for the meditator is the meditation. If there is no meditation, then you are like a blind man in a world of great beauty, light and colour.

Wander by the seashore and let this meditative quality come upon you. If it does, don’t pursue it. What you pursue will be the memory of what it was – and what was is the death of what is. Or when you wander among the hills, let everything tell you the beauty and the pain of life, so that you awaken to your own sorrow and to the ending of it. Meditation is the root, the plant, the flower and the fruit. It is words that divide the fruit, the flower, the plant and the root. In this separation action does not bring about goodness: virtue is the total perception.

On a branch just outside the window sat a dove, light brown, softly cooing to itself. The man never looked at it…

The misery of search is that it leads to some fancy of the mind, to some vision which the mind has projected and measured by things known. …

Reality is not at the end of the stream of thought, and the empty heart is filled by the words of thought. We become very clever, inventing new philosophies, and then there is the bitterness of their failure. We have invented theories about how to reach the ultimate, and the devotee goes to the temple and loses himself in the imaginations of his own mind. …

The dove has flown away, and the beauty of the mountain of cloud is upon the land – and truth is there, where you never look.

(source: Krishnamurti, The Only Revolution, p. 10)


“This is the miracle of perception –

to perceive with a heart and mind

that are completely cleansed of the past.

Negation is the most positive action.”



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