to my brain cells

thought = a mental movement with meaning

I can feel my brain from the inside. Who this ‘I’ is that is feeling this, I do not know. I feel the quivering of the brain cells in hot anticipation of the next data input – much like a junkie waiting for the needle. I send sweet caresses to my brain cells, telling them that everything is alright and comforting them. 

I feel the brain like the CPU of my computer. I see how its activity level jumps to 89% and then up to 100% when data input tells it to process signs of a possible threat to its safety and the safety of the ‘me’. 

Seeing this possible threat from another place, a place not conditioned by past experience, it is clear that there is not really a threat to the entity. When this new data is processed, the brain activity drops again to 15% or less. The data that there is no threat calms the brain and it becomes quiet with minimal thought processes.

“It is not a matter of ending thought but whether the brain can be completely still.” (Krishnamurti)

When the brain is still, there is sacred attention. In this attention is a new world.

It is extraordinary to sense the brain’s activity directly, as if I had my finger on the brain itself and can feel the pulsing, the quivering, the activity ramping up, or subsiding. When it subsides, it seems even more alive, although still.

The brain is actually yearning for its activity to subside, to settle down. It is our constant focus on so many happenings that keep it in a state of hyper-activity. This level of activity without respite causes the brain to deteriorate.

We have never learned how to allow the brain to rest and become completely still.




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