live with this emptiness…

Can I face and live with this emptiness

and not escape in any direction?

This question is put to us by Krishnamurti and it can open up a deep understanding of how our minds work. I escape by “doing”. To “do” is a tiny word that is a symbol for the activity of my psycho-physiological stream of existence. Anything and everything that this psycho-somatic nervous system re-cognizes as being ‘appropriate, ‘useful’, ‘satisfying’, ‘purposeful’ etc. is entered into with gusto and a sense of comfort: our system says “I know what to do now”. The sense of familiarity and of being embedded in a larger frame of reference are comfort zones for this system, the ‘individual’. It doesn’t make sense to this little mind to cease its activity for longer than a spit second.

What happens when I ‘face and live with this emptiness and not escape in any direction’?

This emptiness is the face of eternity – no beginning and no end. No more finding purpose in the fairy-tales the mind of humanity continually makes up, like evolution into higher and higher intelligence. Forget it! This infinite Being that ‘we are’ is exactly that: not finite, not limited. The word comes from Latin: finire = to limit or to end. But there is no end and so we, with the brain that is made to put all things into boxes, is at a loss to ‘deal’ with the unlimited, the infinite. Out of this failure and embarrassment, it makes up stories. In this way it escapes the ’emptiness’ that it sees as a threat.

Of course, nothing at all is really empty. Everywhere our finite sensory organs of perception find something. Only our mind, fearing to lose control of that which it cannot ‘grasp’ and put in a box (for that is its sole purpose) reacts to the fact that it cannot ‘know’ reality in such a way. Reality cannot be an object for the seer to grasp and control. So there is perpetual fear of the deep dark ‘fact’ that no one speaks of: it is beyond our grasp. The Mystery of existence is per default “unknowable”.

If even for a micro-second I am able to relax the mind-projection with its intricate and fascinating >>stories<< and I am able to ‘step out of the scene’, I see how dynamic manifest consciousness has been successfully doing just that: making itself visible in a dynamic and conscious way whether on this planet or another, in this life-form or another. In a sense, its motto seems to be “anything and everything goes”. So don’t worry, and be happy – or not! But stop making up crazy stories about what’s happening. What “is”, behind all appearances and stories, can only be “seen” when I can just “be”, for

Seeing is Being.

As soon as the mind recalls a scene of life or a scene imagined with fantasy (most often a mix of the two) this mental-emotional scenario possesses the entire force of the energy of attention and hijacks it for its own purposes. Only through the power of my sovereignty can I return to the state free of time, the timeless and spaceless original state.

“Apart, from us where is time and where is space? If we are bodies, we are involved in time and space, but are we? We are one and identical now, then, and forever, here, and everywhere. Therefore we, timeless, and spaceless Being, alone are.”

(Ramana, 40 Verses on Reality, Verse 16)







4 thoughts on “live with this emptiness…

  1. have you ever spent time drawing or painting? if not, i am surprised. with enough practice, one no longer needs the pencil or paint in order to merge into that emptiness… there is no need to escape.. you’re just ‘there…’ like a bubble floating in space!

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