evening reflections


words seem like sandpaper in my brain

I feel the irritation of words carelessly spewed out

it’s like a garden hose turned on to spray

the mind sprays out thoughts and words

no care for the effect this noise may have

can I be space even amidst this onslaught?

there are flashes of Reality showing itself

vastness while clouds of sawdust swirl from brains

into the space like static on the radio

does no one feel the thirst for the silence of a tree

or a cloud?

am I destined to be a hermit to find quietude?

all the sages speak of the space inside

immune to the mind’s noisy thoughts

they speak of seeing that is free of the past

wonderful it sounds

even for a while it is there, and then

gone again

yet I feel the immovable solid real 

just below the experience 

I stay in meticulous balance for days now

mind is quiet

then a speck of dust in my eye and I crash

headlong tripped up

the only remedy: recede recede recede again and again

So for me it seems that is the path to walk

interactions with most everyone are exhausting

you say be with what is, well it seems this is it.






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