energy sphere in the void



A current dreamtime experience:

I am in a forest clearing, a kind of meadow. I begin running in a circle in the grass, about 25 feet in diameter. I run faster and faster until it feels like I am churning the ground. Then the surrounding landscape dissolves and I am a sphere in the center, just a sphere of energy and around me is the space of the stars. I hear the words: “Here is the shamanic point.”

The meaning is that everywhere is the shamanic point, the point at which I am the ultimate reality, grounded in the void as a center of energy. Everything goes out from me. All surrounding circumstances that I perceive are insubstantial, like spinning a burning torch in a circle in the dark and a circle of light appears but actually only the torch’s fire is substantial. Similarly the tail of the comet is insubstantial compared to the energy fire-ball of the comet itself. I am a processor of energy which comes through me to be directed on to other centers.

The significance of the initiation is to divorce myself from attachment to the circle of light (the appearances) and to stay focused as the burning torch, or the energy fire-ball of the comet. The challenge is to continually divorce myself from influence of fragmented energy streams of consciousness that surround me and to orient myself to the core of my own being.




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