you can do nothing about love

Cloud Being III small

there are only these two things:


and the mind that is empty of thought


My Comment: You can do nothing about love, you cannot cultivate it and it is not the activity of thought. Yesterday when I read this statement it set off  in me a deep contemplation. When the mind is empty of thought then I am not in the movement of the past and I am receptive of love. In this contemplation of these two days I have begun to recognize how love moves in a very subtle way as long as I stay out of the way, which is to have the mind empty of thought. Now it is not that I have had no thoughts over this time but I have caught myself many times when I was super-imposing my opinion or my “take” on the situation. Then – ceasing to allow my behavior, my thoughts and actions to follow the familiar patterns of the past – something new very dependably showed up in the interactions. If love is the face of understanding, reconciliation and compassion and of letting go of one’s own position, then it is love that shows up when I allow the mind to remain empty of the stream of the past. It’s not instantaneous but it’s remarkable enough for me to confirm to myself that it is clearly evidential.

Krishnamurti: Doing nothing is far more important than doing something. Can the mind be completely inactive, and thereby be supremely active? Love is not the activity of thought; it is not the action of good behaviour or social righteousness. As you cannot cultivate it, you can do nothing about love.

Questioner: I understand what you mean when you say that inaction is the highest form of action – which doesn’t mean to do nothing. But somehow I cannot grasp it with my heart. Is it perhaps only because my heart is empty, tired of all action, that inaction seems to have an appeal? No. I come back to my original feeling that there is this thing of love, and I know, too, that it is the only thing. But my hand is still empty after I have said that.

Krishnamurti: Does this mean that you are no longer seeking, no longer saying to yourself secretly: “I must reach, attain, there is something beyond the furthest hills?”

Questioner: You mean I must give up this feeling I have had for so long that there is something beyond all the hills?

Krishnamurti: It is not a question of giving up anything, but, as we said just now, there are only these two things: love, and the mind that is empty of thought. If you really have finished, if you really have shut the door on all the stupidities which man in his search for something has put together, if you really have finished with all these, then, are these things – love and the empty mind – just two more words, no different from any other ideas?

Questioner: I have a deep feeling that they are not, but I am not sure of it. So again I ask what I am to do.

Krishnamurti: Do you know what it means to commune with what we have just said about love and the mind?

Questioner: Yes, I think so.

Krishnamurti: I wonder if you do. If there is communion with these two things then there is nothing more to be said. If there is communion with these two things then all action will be from there.

Questioner: The trouble is that I still think there is something to be discovered which will put everything else in its right place, in its right order.

Krishnamurti: Without these two things there is no possibility of going further. And there may be no going anywhere at all!

Questioner: Can I be in communion with it all the time? I can see that when we are together I can be somewhat in communion with it. But can I maintain it?

Krishnamurti: To desire to maintain it is the noise, and therefore the losing of it.

(source: Krishnamurti, The Urgency of Change, pp. 67-68)




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