no such thing as time

Can the brain, which has been programmed to evolve and become better, realize that there is no such thing as time?

There is no such thing as location, such as: “I am here now and I will be there later.” There is no goal to be reached and nothing to achieve.

What happens to the mind that is in a place of negation of its own thought processes, having seen the limitation in its own activity?

Is there this thing which we call ‘emptiness’? Does the lack of something to grasp and hold onto, something to identify oneself with, cause distress?

Can we feel the tremendous pull of the mind as thought to create a form to identify oneself with? Isn’t it like the pull of gravity? Is it perhaps actually the force of gravity itself? Is there any way to not be drawn into its force-field?

Is there the possibility to withstand this pull, not a resistance, but simply to refrain from entering this entire field? And does one then actually cease to be in the old way, as an identified individual? When this process begins, is there any way to express it in speech to another person who is not engaged in the same process. It seems not. There is also not any way to introduce someone into this process which is highly unique for each one.

Can I be compassionate with myself and refrain from entering into any exchange of that quality, which is not an exchange at all and cannot be, because for an exchange, a meeting, there must be certain conditions: each must be on the same level, with the same intensity at the same time.

So to inquire into the state of ‘no time’ there must be a willingness to meet free of all concepts, beliefs, frames of mental/emotional reference, truths etc. etc.

Until that presents itself it is compassionate to myself and all involved to refrain from entering that arena altogether.





2 thoughts on “no such thing as time

  1. Tomas, as I spent time in deep solitude and contemplation I visited a place similar to your thoughts and conclusions. I chose, as you suggested, to simply withhold, sit back with no response and further my observing. Eventually I arrived at a place of noting the vast diversity of humon and no longer even guessed at sharing intensity and be-ing on same level as you made reference to. I claimed the perspective of each one of us operating from our own, individuated universe. This gave me spaciousness to allow even more instances of no real or definite coming together. It became more listening, observing and knowing myself better. However, a distinct event started to occur from this position. It was simply my heart saying no matter what I am urged to connect. I then started to approach everything from “how may I serve”. It wasn’t any teaching or understanding I was bringing to the table. It was simply “me” be-ing as present and authentic as I Am and offering that as my greatest gift. I no longer sought time or level or intensity to collaborate with. I simply sought “me” at my highest in each and every moment.

    • Yes, in that place, what our heart is calling for becomes very clear. Being present and authentic – each of us is then the unique expression of Big Mind (or whatever term you like) ~ Cool!

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