the clanging of pots and pans


“The sum and substance of spirituality is nothing but to come to a decision, make a judgment, about Self, God and the world – what is it? You must first dispose of this question.”

Our thoughts are like the clanging of pots and pans. The vital breath starts to flow through body-mind and its activity makes noise, just like the metal of pots banging together. We then, after the fact, assume there is a thinker who is processing reality and thinking with the intention of pursuing purposes and goals. Do we ever question this basic assumption? Look at our thoughts and inquire if they might possibly be just the noise that the vital breath makes as it moves through the body-mind.

Why would I refrain from engaging in the play of manifestation, following thoughts and pursuing goals and ambitions? Because all of manifestation it is the expression of beingness. It is just what it does due to its inner structure, which is based on the “love to be”. To engage in this play is to be drawn away from beingness. Only when remaining in beingness without engaging in its expression into the outside world, is there proof that consciousness was NOT – which is to say that there is a state PRIOR TO consciousness when consciousness was not.

“You, the Absolute, are proof of that. Spontaneously, uncalled for, this beingness has come and this beingness is witnessed by you, the Absolute.

Don’t be a customer to your mind concepts. Observe the mind, be a witness to the mindflow.”

Why should I want to be prior to consciousness? Isn’t it enough to become more and more aware of how consciousness works and then to enjoy life more fully as an awakened individual? What do you want?

Consciousness is being pulled back to its inception point and before by the force of nature. Nature (beingness) wants to know its origin. It senses all that is not the original (origin-al) in the movement of consciousness. It is programmed to discard all that is superfluous and not genuine. Thus all thoughts born of illusion, assumptions, inferences and delusion are being robbed of their disguise and are losing their validity.

“The mind is sprouting like a weed, expressing itself with various concepts. Don’t identity with that, let it go. If at all you want to do something, do that which you cannot do at all. That is the state of no-being.”

Only by remaining as beingness, not being “this” or “that”, can one become aware of the Absolute as the witness.

“You give no significance to the fact that you are – you get carried away by all the manifestation which is the expression of your beingness. Don’t try to go beyond consciousness, only recognize, understand, what the beingness is, that does the trick. The proof that consciousness was not lies within you only.”

Don’t ask where the exploration will take you; only be determined to not accept any false evidence.

“The sum and substance of spirituality is nothing but to come to a decision, make a judgment, about Self, God and the world – what is it? You must first dispose of this question.”

(Source: Nisargadatta, Prior to Consciousness, July 21 and 25, 1980)



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