our intrinsic inner value


The following statement expresses what our physical existence is all about:

“We are born into flesh to materialize as best we can the great joy and spontaneity of our nature.” 

(Spoken by Jane Roberts in 1973 and recorded by her husband for the Seth Book “The Nature of Personal Reality”.)

UBUNTU feet circle 1

Our story ~

We found ourselves born into flesh:

the first one-cell moved and lived.

Shape-shifting and flowing into ever-newer forms, the spontaneous joy of the love to BE!

Immensity of eons was our playground for changes without end leading us into living miracles.

Now we could sense movement around us and then there was sound! Yes, and vision! We were flesh touching and feeling flesh. The miracle was happening!

On and on we grew until the day when we STOOD UP and looked with clear vision at the world and each other. Consciousness became aware of itself!

Making sounds and moving arms and hands we joined our minds, sharing images and ideas: we communicated. It was a communion, a coming together.

In growing harmony, in unison, we created community: the Tribe.

With our communication we bonded and created safety together and flourished.

Now we are 200 tribes. We know of no other tribes as far as our vision reaches: all are the One People. We live in absolute respect and gratitude together. We travel the land reaping the fruits as we go, sharing freely with each other and expanding our experience day by day and year by year

We exchange our intrinsic inner value between tribes with gifts of our hands’ work. We know that the blanket or basket we weave carries our intrinsic value and our sacred spirit to the one we gift it to. In this way we expand our communication with each other to include the exchange of our innermost value, the supreme Life Force that we call Great Spirit. Our Great Spirit circulates like this in wider and wider circles and so the One People continues to flourish and expand.

One tribe lives at the great fire mountain that released its power in a tremendous explosion in early Earth times and now holds a deep blue lake of purest water in its lap. Although the fire mountain is quiet now the strong energy of that event is still thick around the lake and shamans use it for visions and healings. One shaman was drawn into a vision of great magnitude and so he called a council meeting of all the shamans of the One People.

He spoke to the council of his vision: “Now a new time begins. In this time we will see more and more of the One People moving beyond our furthest circles. It is our sacred Great Spirit energy flowing through the One People that nourishes each one of us. This spirit flow must be given a new channel to carry it to the far reaches of the One People as it must now flow more swiftly and easily.

In the stone the Great Spirit flow is slow and that is good so because the stone is then heavy and mountains grow of it. In the tree the flow is quicker and so it gives us leaves and resin and wood. In the walking people it flows in the veins as blood and keeps our limbs warm and strong. It also flows in our pictures in our minds and out with our words and songs to each other to bring us together in our doing. The flow of our spirit value is carried by the buffalo skin or the clay pot which we exchange among our tribes. But the limbs of the One People are now at far reaches and the spirit life blood must travel more quickly.”

Bringing forth from his medicine pouch a beautiful translucent agate he holds it up high.

“My shamans, this is a gift from the fire mountain. It came from the depths of Mother Earth and carries the light of Grandfather Sun. Its name is Ugree. Our tribe will infuse Ugree with the Great Spirit of our intrinsic inner value. The spirit being of Ugree has agreed to take on this service to the One People. When we gift Ugree to another tribe, those will know that they have received a sacred carrier of our value. When then they come to us with Ugree we will honor that value and gift them with food, blankets, skins or what it is they need for their well-being as our brothers and sisters.

Oh great shamans that you are in service to Great Spirit, return now to your tribe. May each tribe call a spirit being to be the sacred carrier of the Great-Spirit value for your tribe. Mother Earth has asked the mineral world to support this New Time and so the spirits of Gold, of Silver, of Copper, of Crystals and many others are coming forward to take on this service for the One People, to be the sacred carriers of our Great-Spirit energy among our One People. These are representatives of our inner value and as such will be handled always with great respect, dignity and honor, as sacred objects.”

This was the beginning of times of great prosperity, joy and well-being for the One People. Their harmony deepened and matured and their life ways were imbued with absolute respect and gratitude for each and every member of the One People. The awareness that Great Spirit lives in each object and in every thought, word and deed was alive in all and was passed down to each new generation.

Now, there are many versions of what happened next. Suffice it to say that a time came when the people’s inner value was so prolific and it brought forth so many beautiful objects that some were blinded by the many shiny objects that appeared now in great quantities: they began to believe that the shiny objects themselves had a value and they wanted that value. They no longer remembered that the value they saw in the objects came from each of us.

They no longer remembered that the exchange of objects and especially the exchange of the representatives of Great-Spirit value, was for the purpose of communication between us. The purpose was to create communion with others of the One People. Instead they sought to accumulate and amass more and more objects, believing that they were in possession of value. They didn’t understand that they were only in possession of the empty shells that no longer carried the sacred Great-Spirit any more within.

It is now our turn to re-birth the original sacred spirit of what we have come to know as “money”. It is our time to recognize how these beautiful energy beings that have been of service to humanity since these early times have so selflessly put themselves at our disposal for this purpose. Let us recognize that we have robbed them of their dignity, respect and have taken them for granted without real gratitude. Let them know how sorry we are. Let us ask their forgiveness and express our love for them. Let us speak our gratitude to them and assure them that we will do all in our power to restore them to their original innocence and high purpose.

(source: as received by Tomas from our roots)






gold coins potsherd

the Gold Being at Our Service




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