the illusion of control

“Question: What about patterns?
Wolinsky: There are no such things as patterns. There is an “I” thought, which believes in patterns and sees patterns as a way to imagine that it can secure survival. Seeing and believing that the future mimics the past is a trick of the mind a habit that the noted philosophers David Hume, and later John Stuart Mill, call a “habit of mind,” to paraphrase: “The mind [nervous system] will create the illusion and make it appear as though the future mimics the past, and will take whatever measure it must to make it appear so.” Why? Because it aids in the illusion of control and better future survival, if I imagine that the past mimics the future, then “I” (imagine) by knowing the past (as in psychotherapy) “I” can control the future (relationships, money, etc.) and survive better. There is no pattern that independently exists separate from the perceiver or observer of the pattern.”

“You never put your foot
in the same river twice.”

source: Stephen Wolinsky, You Are Not, p. 57


My Comment:

Our thoughts are imaginations, assumptions, inferences etc. Yes, there are thoughts that are based in reality, but we must be free of illusion to be able to use such thoughts of a new and different quality. When I am in touch with the heart of reality I am in the eternal present, the NOW. In that space all challenges are met by a higher intelligence and I know what to do in each moment.





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