The American Dream


Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle

Chief Seattle, Leader of the Duwamish, Suquamish and other Northwest Tribes:

In the simple space of the Natural World it is easy to see the face of the Creator, of the infinite Father of all things. He shows himself in the clouds, the rivers, the rocks and in the fire. His is the face of every beast, every fly and every woman, child and man. My people and the other Natural Peoples lived in that world. Compared to you today it was easy for us to live every moment in thankfulness to Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery.

You now live in an un-natural world. You have lost touch with Nature. You know this – you do not need me to tell you. Is this bad? In our view it is neither good nor bad. It is the dream which the Father is dreaming for you. Allow me to explain.

What I have come to tell you, speaking for the spirit world, will help you to understand and to find the straight trail again.  We are all the dream of our Father, brought into being through the Earth, our Mother. We, the Natural Peoples were chosen to look out upon the wonders of the Natural World, to see the beauty and love in the world and to live that beauty and love so the Father could see and experience through us his Creation. That was the Father’s Dream for us.

We followed that Dream until the end of our days. That is the meaning of “We died of our own cause.” That was our cause and it had its circle, its cycle, like all things. It had reached the end of its cycle and we rode it to the end. We could not live the Dream that the Father was dreaming for you. That was not to be.

What was, and is, the Father’s Dream for you, you will ask? As we see it, Wakan Tanka, the Great One, (to use your speech of today), “shifted gears” in his Dreamtime.  Chief Paul Ryan, if indeed you are the one to lead this great people of America to fulfill the Father’s Dream, heed our benevolent council now.

The Dream you are living now is like “a dream inside a dream”. The Father gave to your people the power to dream your own dream – with the power to do what you will with no limits. His Dream is to allow you to use his power so that you can learn how to use it wisely, as he himself would. To use these new powers wisely means to use them for the good of all. He knew that you would try to use them for the benefit of just a few and he knew that you had to go down this path to its inevitable box-canyon with no way out. Only in this way would the sons and daughters of the Earth learn the hard lesson of how to use these powers wisely.

Now you have come to that place from which there is only one way out, and that is the way you came. You must go back to the original wisdom of all life:
The Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

The Father’s Dream is for you to use these new powers guided by this wisdom. Your evolution is now just beginning when you take this great step. You must begin to cultivate new Natural Ways of living. Our ways as Natural People is not enough for these new times, but you can learn our wisdom and then take it further. That is the Father’s Dream for you. That is The American Dream.

We cultivate the wonderful discipline of Natural Appetites in all things. We use only what we need and give Great Thanks before we take from the Earth. That is our culture, the culture of all Natural Peoples.

You have used your new powers to cultivate un-natural appetites in many, many areas of your life: food, drink, sex, and power over each other, hurting each other, oppressing each other, using the sacred energy of this Earth and of Life, the power of speech and words images – the list is long. This kept you in a perpetual state of confusion and distress, cut off from the Father’s Voice and the Original Wisdom. Your culture is the culture of the Business-Man, which we call the Busy-Mess Man, because you are so busy that you have no time to clean up the mess you have made. You leave it to others to clean up. But there are no “others” – that is the Original Wisdom.

Now you can change this by taking this great step back to your origins. It will not be an easy trail, to wean yourself off of all the un-natural appetites and to regain your sense of wholesomeness in all that you do and all that you consume, but it is the only way.

We of the spirit world are always at your side. Ask our council and we will do our part to support you.

(text authored by Tomas Qubeck)




5 thoughts on “The American Dream

  1. Thank you, Tomas for your heart-spoken words! I see your blog site is full of wonderful articles…and I’m looking forward to exploring them… my favorite topics….waking up and consciousness….all the best, always!!

  2. Dear Tomas — this is beautifully written. It is a powerful weaving of the Native, Natural teachings and your understanding. I love the other meaning of “cause” that you brought to the phrase “We died of our own cause.” I can see now that each of us does indeed have a “cause” a part of the Father’s Dream that we live out. It comes to a natural (in some cases un-natural) but it is always the result of the cause we are living that brings that cycle to closure. Thank you for your thoughtful words, Alia

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