worthy of human aspiration


That in which there is no question of form or formlessness,

of beyond form and attributes,

of transcending even the beyond,

that alone is worthy of human aspiration.


Here Anandamayi gives us a vehicle that can take us out of our minds and deliver us to the threshold of the Ultimate. That which she is pointing to can only be known be being it. It cannot be known as a subject knows an object. All discrimination between subject and object, between the seer and the seen, between the knower and the known must cease if one is to allow for the Other to touch us. Then ‘we’ cease to exist and the Other reveals to itself the existence of the finite in which it finds its mysterious expression. This is always a highly personal quality of consciousness that takes on the state of being permeable to that which is prior to consciousness. No two extensions of itself will experience this ultimate moment the same. No path can be told and no practice is needed. Although the visceral desire to know one’s own truth is a light that will lead you to it.





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